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We need a variety of volunteers. Here's a list and definitions. Email to apply.

  • Marshals: Marshals are a key role for volunteers. You'll be stationed by the stage, scattered throughout the crowd, and at the perimeters of the mobilization. Your key role is to be the eyes and ears for the rally, moving people at a pace when you’re marching and being generally helpful.

  • Wayfinders: Wayfinders are exactly what it sounds like — people that help you find your way as a participant. 

  • Clean-up: Leave the site cleaner than how you found it. Have a team ready with clear plastic bags to clean-up every last thing once the mobilization is over. Be sure to scope out regulations regarding trash and recycling.

  • Accessibility: Staff the ADA seating area and otherwise serve as escorts on the march route as requested by participants.

  • Sign-ups: A mobilization with no way to actually collect data is a failed one. If you’re tech-savvy and have the resources, have iPads to collect participant info. Or, you could do a simple clipboard with zip codes, first and last names, phone numbers and emails.

  • Art distribution: Passing out art, and also picking it up (people always leave posters behind).

  • Support/Flexible: Making sure the porta-potties have enough toilet paper, passing out water and hand warmers, etc.

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