OUR story

The day after inauguration in 2017, I stood on the steps of the Mississippi State Capital heavily pregnant with my daughter and witnessed history as women from across the globe gathered to life our voices collectively in pursuit of equality.

The next year, I was one of the planners and spoke on the steps of that capital. My story was highlighted on CNN.

This year, I'm doing something different. My Women's March will celebrate Women of Color and their contributions to America. 

Though inclusion of all is encouraged and represented the primary objective in this years movement is to highlight Women of Color and our unique American experiences.

Will have vendors, as well as dynamic speakers and entertainment. You can offset permit and other costs by purchasing merchandise and contributing directly to the donate button above.

As an award winning visual storyteller, the effects of race and how it seeps into every aspect of our society is something that I'm passionate about. Let's all join together to make a more perfect union.

- Talamieka Brice


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